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Jane May Jones, The short story

From England, where I was born, my family moved to the US when I was 6.  We lived in Massachusetts for 6 years before returning to England.  Where I completed high school and excelled in Art and wanted to go on to art school, but unfortunately that was not to be.  Instead I went to two years of secretarial school and then on to a job in a local company.  I stayed there until I was nearly 22 and then left England to live in France.

While in France I worked for the most part at IBM, except for a few other part time jobs.  During my stay in France I travelled the world and visited all the continents except for South America (that on is still on my list).  I spent a lot of time visiting some of the most famous and beautiful galleries in the world.  My favorite artist group was the impressionists.

My Story

In 1986 I visited Vermont and fell in love with the glorious views I saw and the colors of the Fall.  Shortly thereafter I returned for a longer stay.  Just a few days after my arrival I met Don Jones and 10 months later we were married.  We own a beautiful piece of Vermont and our own carpet cleaning company.  In 2010 we cofound a public charity 501(c)3 by the name of Magical Earth Retreats.

Don and I are passionate about helping others succeed and to reconnect children and adults to nature and to help them nurture their creativity.

Now 27 years on we are getting ready to spend some of the harsh Vermont winter months in a warmer climate.

Although all aspects of art have been an intrigal part of my live, when I was introduced to the methods of watercolor painting, I knew I had found my medium.  My paintings have been exhibited at many fine art exhibits and galleries up and down the east coast of the U.S.

My studio and gallery are annually  featured on the Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend at the end of May and my gallery is open by appointment.  My work is available for sale here and also on my Etsy shop.

I see myself as an artist, entrepreneur and educator and enjoy helping and teaching others the skills I have learned in my life time so far.  I am forever learning and dreaming!

Jane was told that she would never amount to anything

When she was at high school.  That is what her English teacher told her.  Being dyslexic and traveling backwards and forwards to the US had taken a toll on grades at school.  Learn how she has over come this and other life challenges and now lives a life of joy, purpose and success!


Artist, Author, Coach, Speaker and Educator

From the country in England and being a shorthand typist to being a successful artist, entrepreneur and educator.  Jane has overcome being overweight and bullied as a child, dyslexic, the loss of a child, lack of self-confidence and so much more!  Read the story in Living and Succeeding - a memoir or a dyslexic entrepreneur.



Jones has had a love of art all her life.  In the last 20 years or so she took up watercolor painting and has never really looked back.  It is definitely her medium.  She also loves to share her knowledge with others.




Jones has spoken at the following conferences and is host on:

Joe Polish's Platinum Plus Mastermind Group, Arizona

Women's Moving Forward Conference, Toronto, Canada

The Radiant Enchantress Podcast



A few years ago Jones wrote her abbreviated auto-biography which is available on amazon.com.  Living and Succeeding is the story of how she came from a 'working class' family, child-hood bullying, low self-esteem, the loss of a child to becoming a successful multiple business entrepreneur.



Jones has helped other women release their unworthy beliefs, find solace and then show them the way to becoming a successful, happy, health and radiant woman.  Through her '8 Rules to Live By' she shows her friends and clients how to live a life of clarity, purpose and connection.



After much soul searching, personal development and meditation, as well as being told by a stranger that she was an educator, Jones started to listen and now runs successful watercolor workshops, leads women to regain their strength and radiance and reconnecting children in nature.

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