Wise Souls Retreat

Join this group of wise souls in creating a place and feeling of

unity and healing for the earth and us to move forward and

help spread love in this realm and in your own lives.

Then join us in the picturesque setting of the Southern Green Mountains!

Isn't it time you invested in yourself and discovered how nature nurtures your well-being?

Are you ready to envelope yourself in the lush Green Mountains of Southern Vermont and be at peace in nature and in a group of wise souls?  A group of wise ones ready to join in circle with YOU and support you on your journey!

As soon as you arrive in these glorious mountains the stresses and challenges of every day life will slip away.  During your stay you will be treated to gentle yoga, peaceful circles, a soothing massage and some silent introspection during our vision walk in nature.

During your stay you will be treated to some delicious local food AND hospitality in the small picturesque town, snuggled in the Deerfield River Valley.  You might even want to stay a couple of extra days!

As our days unfold we will gather and allow the zen-like feeling to enter our circle during our yoga and mediation classes.

Have you ever wondered about the different types of meditation?  As well as some traditional meditation techniques, you will be introduced to walking meditation which will allow you to find that same peace in your daily life back home.

You will spend time out-of-doors in nature and will feel the trees and rivers embrace and support your body.

Are you ready to move towards a more peaceful and tranquil YOU?

Right about now you are asking, 'what is in this for me?'  So here you go….

The Wise Souls Gathering will give you the opportunity to take the time to...           

~Remove yourself from the day-to-day activities and stress of life to discover creativity and peace in nature.  Our programs are mostly set in nature to help you remember how nature nurtures creativity and well-being.

~Feel the amazing benefits of meditation.  Our instructor will lead us in a meditation that will allow you to slip gently away from your day-to-day stressful life.  Learn how you can do this back home and start your journey to a life full of peace and tranquility.

~Release your aches and pains.  You'll be invited to quietly sink into the table, meet the quieting of your soul when you connect your breath with gentle, but powerful bodywork.  An experiential moment to wholly realize and release, the holding patterns of the 'hamster brain'-body connection.

~Find inner peace during our powerful exercises in nature.  You will find soul nurturing peace.  With the art of forest bathing, and vision walking, your body will be allowed to suck up the good electrons from the earth, helping you to feel energized and full of light.

~And, finally, you will have a great time making life-long, soulful friends!

Give yourself the gift of peace and self-love!

Your mountain retreat awaits...

~Readsboro is located in southern Vermont, in a magnificent valley surrounded by the beautifully rich Green Mountains.  The area is a superb backdrop for a journey of exploration to your higher self.  The beauty found in the smallest corners of the forests, and the flowing of the mountain streams nearby, will assist and support you during the lessons we will be sharing.

~This setting offers the opportunity for you to reconnect with nature, and learn how nature nurtures creativity.

~Completely unplug from your stressful daily routine.

Are you ready to be stress-free for an entire

weekend in the mountains?


Wow, I can't wait to evelop myself in peace!

So now your next question might be, 'what tools will I come home with?'

Well that is an awesome question!  During your 2 night stay in enchanting Vermont you may expect to...

~Uncover ways to make time for yourself every day, with the first step being to register for this retreat!

~Look deep within and find the peace and happiness which dwells inside through meditation and introspection.

~Take long walks in nature, where you will silently delve into your inner being to answer some quite challenging questions about yourself, giving you clarity and peace.

~Learn and share with the other wise souls who will come together in circle with you to support and love your journey!

~Learn how to introduce daily meditation into your life using the artistic techniques we'll share during our time together.

~And to, make new, positive friends in our wise circle.



Here's what previous participants say:

"You came from the heart and were 100% committed to making this a memorable and growth experience.  Mission Accomplished!"

"Wonderful balance of work and play.  Loving and supportive environment."


I will be there....

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

With spectacular views and vistas at every turn,

this retreat is not to be missed.

What's Included...

~ vision walk

~ meditation lessons


~ yoga lessons

~ fire circle on the cliff at Fernwood

~ two nights in the quaint village of Readsboro at the Readsboro Inn

~ two lunches, snacks, coffee, tea and water

What is not included...

~ dinners

~ any wine or other alcoholic beverages

~ any personal phone calls, tips, etc.

~ trip cancellation insurance, and additional medical insurance

Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash

WOW...I can't wait to join you all!


Deborah Schick, BSc., BCMTB

~I’ve returned to southern Vermont, after leaving in 1972 to raise my wee-little family and explore life. I've been an avid learner, and have come to the realization that educating others has become my passion and mission.

~That’s what I’m here for.  After receiving a degree in Health Science, an amazing opportunity opened up at a local chiropractic office in 1991. There, Dr. Pam as my mentor created a position to match my education.  By utilizing her expansive experience in chiropractic, and my science & sports medicine background, we co-created and taught all of the patient programs for faster healing.  An extraordinary experience!  Dr. Pam then sent me to bodywork class after class, to include modalities such as Myofascial Release, Feldenkreis, Trigger Point Therapy & Reiki.  Some classes she would attend with me, others I attended alone and would bring back to her, where she instructed me on how it would  work best with her patients, the human beings I would connect with.  I have since specialized in Orthopedic Massage, and created a new protocol utilizing Applied Kinesiology, Essential Oils and Reflexology.  I also thoroughly enjoy working with Gua Sha and Teishin, the healing results are amazing.

~I love listening to, and learning from people.  Be it in my office, which has four walls decorated with art & charts, blossoming with lovely essential oil scents, or out in the world.  I believe it’s important to be present to see and hear you, so a healing path may be explored.  You are my greatest teachers.

~Since acquiring national certification in 1995 (oh my!) I’ve learned additional bodywork protocols and techniques to benefit the needs and direction of my clients.  And, just recently I’ve created a new massage protocol directly affecting our stress-response at the core. What a wonderful body-soul inquiry for you to experience this weekend. Thank yourself for being present.

Blessings, Deb

Jane May Jones, Healer

Right about now you might be asking yourself:  "Who is Jane May Jones?"  That is a great question!  Jones was born in England, moved to the US at the age of six and then back to England to finish her schooling.  She had the travel bug and when she was 21 moved to Paris, France where she lived, worked and played for nearly nine years.

Jones is an established artist, author, entrepreneur, educator and coach.  She has traveled the world from an early age.  She is also dyslexic and was told she wouldn't amount to anything by her high school English teacher!  She was also bullied when she was much younger, to the point that she would hide rather than go to class!  She also miscarried the only child she and her husband conceived.  And, like most other women, has had to overcome many challenges in her life.

During her career Jones has excelled in the corporate world and is now a multi-business entrepreneur.  She has been on a journey of enlightenment for the past 11 years or so, and is ready to help you go from your 'nice' daily routines to being an exceptional women following her dreams.  If she can do it so can you!

In the first 45 years, or so of her life, Jones was a wall flower, she had harbored feelings of inadequacy, guilt and other feelings for way too long!  But now she has learned to relinquish these, and become a radiant enchanting and successful woman.

See more about Jane on this page.


Preethi Naidu, Meditation Coach

I have journeyed the Spiritual path for many decades. 20 years ago I discovered The Golden Age Phenomenon. While completing many courses and deepening processes  taught by God Realized Spiritual Teachers in India...  I have experienced profound inner peace, growth and transformation.
I initiate participants to connect with their higher self. I offer guided meditations that enable flowering of the heart.

Participants also experience silence of the mind.

I am committed and devoted to facilitating seekers and communities, experience shifts that will transform their lives.
I love traveling to offer courses, processes at group gatherings, events and retreats.

Jaida Jones, Yoga Instructor

Jaida Jones is a certified yoga instructor from Largo, Florida. She has been practicing yoga regularly for about five years and has used yoga to help heal herself from painful symptoms of scoliosis and whiplash. After a beautiful yogic experience, she has since developed a passion for helping others find the same peace. She traveled all the way to Rishikesh, India to obtain her 200 hour Yoga Instructor Certification through the Yoga Alliance and is now helping others find peace of mind, body, and spirit through yoga.