Radiant Enchantress Retreat

Do you day-dream about traveling the world?

Have you been searching for that creative spark?

Are you ready to relax and rejuvenate with an amazing group of ladies?

Then join us in Puerto Rico

November 16-23, 2019

Isn't it time you invested in yourself and discovered new frontiers?

Are you ready to envelop yourself in the lush tropical rain forest, feel the gentle tropical breezes caress your body?

As soon as you arrive, you will realize that it is a place where the stresses and challenges of every day life will slip away.  During your stay you will be cocooned by the vibrant green of the jungle trees and will wake up to the sound of the gently rustling leaves outside your room.  You will learn how nature nurtures creativity and well-being.

During your stay you will be treated to some of the most delectable, locally sourced, organic meals AND don’t forget about the locally grown chocolate and coffee!  Served in an exceptional dining area with the perfumes of the flowers wafting in from the surrounding gardens.

As our days unfold we will gather and allow the zen-like feeling to enter our circle during our artistic and creative sessions.  You WILL find you inner artist and learn how nature nurtures YOUR creativity.

You will also sink your toes in the sparkling sandy beaches and dip into the ocean and feel the life-giving waters embrace and support your body.

Our private chef and staff are eagerly awaiting your arrival and treat you to the delicacies of Puerto Rico.

Oh, the delights of the Caribbean ocean and gastronomy!

Are you ready to move towards a more peaceful and creative YOU?

Right about now you are asking what is in this for you, so here you go….

The Radiant Enchantress Retreat facilitator Jane May Jones  will give you the opportunity to

…take some free time:             

Remove yourself from your day-to-day activities and stress to find peace and creativity in nature.  You will also remember how to play and giggle to your heart’s content with like minded ladies. Our programs are all set in nature to help us remember how nature nurtures creativity and well-being.

…find inner peace:

During our powerful exercises in nature you will find peace and tranquility. The art of forest bathing and allowing your feet to suck up the good electrons from the earth help to make you feel energized and full of light.

...release your inner playful and creative child:

Rediscover and re-acquaint yourself with your inner creative child and learn how to create beautiful paintings and sketches.  Learn how to embrace art and creativity and you will find a zen like state which the art provides to you and your mind. Art gifts you peace and joy in the moment and every moment you pick up your brush.

...Learn the signs around you to create a purpose driven life:

During your time at this retreat you will find the time to think deeply about yourself and your life. Rediscover your innate talents and skills to help you unearth your divine purpose - your reason for being and then get ready to go home and have a deeper understanding of who you are.

...and finally you will have a blast!

Take me  away from it all today!

Your tropical paradise awaits:

Our private villa/eco retreat is located next to the only tropical rainforest on U.S. territory.  This setting offers the ability to reconnect with nature and learn how nature nurtures creativity.

Completely unplug from your stressful daily routine, with no TV or air conditioning you will be lulled to sleep by the coqui and the gentle rainforest breeze will keep you cool in the evenings.  The screens in your accommodation will allow you to breathe in the clean air filtered by the tropical green giants.

Your complete tropical indulgence awaits.

Are you ready to be stress free for 7 nights in a tropical paradise?


I can feel the sand in my toes now and I am ready to take a dip in the gentle, lapping waves!

Mouthwatering cuisine:

At every meal our taste buds will be tantalized by the flavors of the locally sourced organic produce. Each plate will be artistically presented with mouth-watering style.  A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!  The plates are superb, each salad is a work of art and beyond awesome.

During the week we will have some breakfasts and lunches packed for us to take along and enjoy during our excursions. But the dinners will all be served in the Samasati dining room.  Samasati's dining area overlooks the tropical rainforest and the teal beauty of the Caribbean ocean. We will be serenaded by the coqui as we come together to enjoy our circle and evening meal.

The chocolate and coffee grown locally will make you come back for more.  This is truly a chocolate lovers paradise.  Can you imagine all the anti-oxidants you could treat yourself to during your stay?

All meals (except for the final dinner) will be vegetarian. The organic and vegetarian food will help you clear your body ready to receive the gifts of nature.

Be sure to pack your most beautiful and goddess-like dress for Friday and celebrate your beauty and inner creativity child at our final dinner together.

OK, OK, my mouth is watering!


Your Experience

The Puerto Rican experience awaits and would not be complete without....

... swimming under the waterfalls in El Yunque and learn about going with the flow. You will learn by contemplating how the river water flows around all obstacles with ease.

... the beauty of the underwater world of the coral reef.  Feel the peace and serenity of the trigger fish and turtles as they glide by you.


and what about ...

...  a dip in the sparkling, clear Caribbean Ocean.  It will be like stepping back into the womb - the water will surround you in a protective layer.  Learn how it supports you.

...  a visit to the quaint Kiosks in Loquillo where you can taste the local delicacies from a variety of street vendors and satisfy your taste buds with the delicious flavors of Puerto Rico!


So now your question is: “what is in this trip for me?”  Well that is an awesome question! During your 6 nights in enchanting Costa Rica you can expect…..

…that you will find ways to make time for yourself every day, with the first step being to register for this retreat!

…that during our time together we will uncover how to speak our own truth with clarity and power without being mean or feeling guilty about it.

…that during our long walks in nature you will silently delve into your inner being and answer some quite challenging questions about yourself, giving you clarity on developing a meaningful, purpose driven life.

..that you will learn from our other ladies just what a loving, caring, strong and enchanting women YOU really are! You will relinquish your unsupportive thoughts.

This is a video montage of a poem and photos from our Costa Rican Radiant Enchantress Retreat written by one of our participants.

Listen to why Susan is a supporter of our retreats!

..that you will learn how to introduce creativity into your life daily using the artistic techniques we share daily during our time together.

…that you will make new, positive friends in our enchanting circle and that you will have a tool to create new circles of enlightened females at home.

…that you will be introduced to tools to help you on a daily basis to step away from fear and into the glorious unknown!

…that you will “be a day dream believer” by the end of the week.

…that throughout the week you will release, relax, reconnect with nature and rejuvenate in this tropical paradise. You WILL relinquish all thoughts of inadequacies and fear-based reactions.

Take me away now

Final candlelit dinner

What's Included...

... two free webinars prior to departure. Once you register you will be notified of the date and time of these events.

... 7 days and 7 nights in luxurious shared accommodations in a private villa.

... Breakfast lunch and dinner while at the eco retreat/villa.

... Transportation from San Juan to El Yunque.



... the serenity of snorkeling a Caribbean coral reef.

... delicious home cooked organic meals.

... yoga classes.

... getting your toes in the sand and walking the beach.

...experiencing the tropical rainforest and its magical waterfalls

...learning watercolor painting and journaling (no experience necessary)

... free time for shopping, sunbathing and more.


Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash

What is not included....


... your return flights into San Juan

... any wine or other alcoholic beverages

... any personal phone calls, extra spa services, snacks, taxis, souvenirs, tips.

... trip cancellation insurance and additional medical insurance.

WOW...I can't wait to join you all!



Not only do you benefit from all the above inclusions you will also be offered the follow freebies:

  • Three Webinars prior to departure entitled: "Your Strengths and how to tap into them"; "Your Vision and Goals"; and our Surprise Webinar.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group.
  • One half hour conversation with Jane May Jones prior to leaving to get to know one another.
  • Free copy of "Living and Succeeding" by Jane May Jones.
  • One other surprise delivery prior to departure.
  • One follow up Webinar to touch base on how things are going now you are back to reality.

Jane May Jones, Leader

Right about now you might be asking yourself:  "Who is Jane May Jones?"  That is a great question!  Jones was born in England, moved to the US at the age of six and then back to England to finish her schooling.  She had the travel bug and when she was 21 moved to Paris, France where she lived, worked and played for nearly nine years.

Jones is an established artist, author, entrepreneur, educator and coach.  She has traveled the world from an early age.  She is also dyslexic and was told she wouldn't amount to anything by her high school English teacher!  She was also bullied when she was much younger, to the point that she would hide rather than go to class!  She also miscarried the only child she and her husband conceived.  Like most other women has had to overcome many challenges in her life.

During her career Jones has excelled in the corporate world and is now a multi-business entrepreneur, she has been on a journey of enlightenment for the past 11 years or so.  She is ready to help you go from your 'nice' daily routines to being an exceptional women following her dreams.  If she can do it so can you!

In the first 45 years,or so of her life, Jones was a wall flower, she had harbored feelings of inadequacy, guilt and other feelings for way too long! But now she has learned to relinquish these and become a radiant enchanting and successful woman.

See more about Jane on this page.