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Our Approach

Our Approach

Magical Earth Women as part of Magical Earth Retreats provides the space and opportunity for adults and children to reconnect with mother nature.  We show our participants our nature nurtures our creativity and gives us the peace and protection we yearn for in our day-to-day lives.

During our retreats and camps we remind our participants about their relationship with mother nature.  How SHE helps us de-stress, detox and rejuvenate our beautiful light being.

If you are stuck in your nine to five routine and are headed no where in particular, then join us for a week or weekend and invest in yourself and you own destiny.

Jane's proven techniques, exercises and practices will help you gain joy, clarity and direction in your life immediately.

Our Story

Magical Earth Retreat's Story

Co-founders Jane and Donald Jones were wall flowers, they went out and about in the community, but rarely spoke up or shared any information.  Afraid, maybe!

After nearly a life time of this type of existence they started to work on themselves going to professional and personal development seminars and workshops all over the country. Gradually during an 8 year period they peeled off their outer layer to find joyful, peaceful and strong personalities they didn't even know where there.

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