Art and the Creative Path – Virtual

Art and The Creative Path - The Virtual Way

Virtual Retreat

Is this right for YOU?

Have you been at home busy taking care of your family's needs or have you been so busy you are not taking any time for yourself?  Then try this out!

We take retreats to a whole new level - a virtual one!

Register for the Art and the Creative Path Virtual Retreat, Put it on your calendar and commit to yourself for that whole day. Join us for a couple of online meetings, some introspection, journaling and creativity.

You can join us one time or you can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 monthly meeting.

This is unlike any other retreat, you get to be in your own space, no travel, no airports, no luggage, etc.  It is easy.

The Components

So you may be wondering...

What does this entail.....

Trail at Woodford State Park by Carolyn Dean


At Magical Earth Women, by Magical Earth Retreats we are all about how nature nurtures creativity and well-being.  During each of these full-day events you will be asked to step out into nature.  It maybe your back yard, it may be the woods or even a park, wherever you go it would be great if there were trees.

Virtual Retreat


You will need a computer of some kind with a relatively good internet connection.  Our retreat will be managed through Zoom.  You will be given complete and easy instructions.



,We will all complete a watercolor painting.  That  is right, a watercolor painting and do not be afraid of the watercolor painting part.  Jane will lead you, demonstrate for you and help you succeed in creating, possibly, your first master piece.  No experience is necessary.

Registration Options

We have made it easy for everyone to participate.  You can register for individual retreat days or your can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months.

A La Carte

You get to pick and choose when you retreat.

Join us any month you would like.  We will be holding one of these retreats every month, each with a different theme, but similar schedule.


Subscribe and add the dates to your calendar!

Sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months.  Invest in yourself.  Allow yourself the time for self-healing and playful creativity.

Participant's Watercolor

Here are some comments from a previous retreat participant.

May 3, 2020: Yesterday I spent the majority of the day attending a virtual retreat. We spent the afternoon getting in touch with our creative side and doing a watercolor painting of the heart chakra. The morning session had us go for a walk in nature and journal around several questions on gratitude.

I spent a couple of hours after the retreat reflecting and journaling about the experience. Some of my thoughts/takeaways:

A daily gratitude practice is essential to my well-being. Since January 1st last year I've been writing one thing I am grateful for every morning. The facilitator started her practice writing 10/day. I'm going to increase mine to 5. More gratitude. More love. Less fear.

I enjoy being creative. Watercolors were challenging and my painting is far from a masterpiece, but I lost track of time and focused solely on my work.

Nature is healing. Went to Moraine View for my walk. The woods were beautiful and magical. Peaceful.

Dawn P., Bloomington, IL


I have so much to be grateful for. The journaling questions asked us about people and things that we are grateful for. One question asked us to express gratitude for ourselves...listing out what we appreciate about ourselves (you should give it a try!)

A powerful question...what negative experiences have you had which afterwards you realized helped you grow? I think now is a great time to reflect on that. How are we all growing during this current situation? What are we learning about ourselves, about our priorities, about each other?

I enjoyed the day and look forward to more retreats...both virtual and in-person.

Dawn Peters

Next Steps...

Take the plunge and allow yourself time to play, be creative and take some quiet time for yourself.  It will change your life.