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Weekend Retreats

Retreat to nature with Magical Earth Retreats to nourish your spirit while strengthening your root power. You will be supported by the breathtaking mountains, ocean or forest. You will also connect with kindred spirits and reunite with mother nature during this transformational weekends.

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Tropical Retreats

During these week-long retreats we will help you open up the strong, grounded space within yourself that’s beyond fear - the essence of who you are. During our ceremonies and practices you will say goodbye to your worries, doubts and fears, clearing your brain using my proven practices to help you think more positively and fearlessly. You will be grounded and will take strength from Mother Nature.

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Watercolor in the Woods

Gather in the woods of Vermont and learn how nature nurtures creativity.  You will learn the joy and peace of watercolor painting and journalling.  Come and feel the zen of watercolor painting.

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Since 1993

Jane May Jones

Co-Founder Magical Earth Retreats

Jones is passionate about reconnecting children and adults to nature and how nature nurtures creativity.

Here is one of the things that Jones does to help her succeed in life.  It is an exert from her book 'Living and Succeeding: a memoir of a dyslexic entrepreneur':

Make your belief system work for you.

It took almost a lifetime for me to understand this. I was full of disparaging beliefs that were drilled into me when I was a child and a teenager. These did not come from my family, but from outside sources such as teachers, peers, etc.

The first rule of order is to discard all of those beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts. The empowering thoughts birth your new belief system in just a short while. Here are some examples, some of which I use:

I am worthy
I am beautiful
I am successful
I add value to others’ livesI am more than enough

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Sir Richard Branson at Genius Network Meeting
Sir Richard Branson at Genius Network Meeting

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