Virtual Retreat Registration

What's Included?

A day of connection, introspection, peace and creativity:

  • Virtual circles in the morning and evening.
  • Yoga/meditation session
  • Journal
  • Creativity session - watercolors made easy for all levels.
  • A private Facebook group for continuing the connections

Some subscriptions come with a special delivery of:

  • Watercolor paint set
  • Watercolor block
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Journal with watercolor strength paper.

What do you need?

In order to have the best experience necessary you must have:

  • a computer, Ipad or smart phone
  • a minimum, DSL or better internet connection
  • the zoom app on your device
  • Watercolors, paper and brushes (a list will be provided)

Registration Options

To make this easy you can:

  1. You can opt for 'A La Carte' and join us whenever you feel the time is right.
  2. Three and six month subscriptions
  3. Full annual subscriptions.

See the pricing below.


Types of Subscriptions and Payment Plans

To make it as easy as possible for you to invest in yourself, wee have four ways you can register for.  As you will see you will get the retreats for half price if you pay in full and the savings goes down until you get to the  'A La Carte' option when you will pay full price..  If you know how you would like to proceed, scroll down and find the box with your preferred payment plan.

Price Annual
Annual $599 $588
Six Months $399 $198
Three Months $219 $78
A La Carte $99 Zero

Full Subscription

Subscribe for the whole year and you will also receive:

  1. Watercolor kit
  2. Journal
  3. One half-hour connection call with Jane

The investment for a whole year of one-day retreats is only $599.

I am ready to register for the whole year using your payment plan and only pay $69 per month.


I am ready to register for the whole year and pay in full ($599)!

Love the savings!

These are the current dates...more will be added



Both three month and six month subscriptions can start any time.  Once you sign up you will gain access to the next three/six sessions.

The dates are listed in the drop down menu below, please select your start date.  The investment for three months is $219 and for six months it is $399.


I am ready to register for a three month subscription ($89)....

I want to register for three months and pay in full ($219)....

Select your start date:


I am ready to register for a six month subscription ($79)....

I want to register for six months and pay in full....

Select your start date:

A La Carte

Hop on to any of the monthly retreats and pay as you go!

The dates are listed in the drop down menu below.  The investment for each retreat is only $99.

Select your date:

Virtual Retreat