Art and the Creative Path

Feel the gentle touch of the breeze across your cheeks that awakens your inner creative child!

During our retreat into nature

find the peace to rediscover yourself!

Tools for a healthy, peaceful and creative life!

Art and the Creative Path...

... is a retreat for ladies searching for a life of art, zen and peace.  Find that creative inner child that has been forced to hide in the shadows for too long. Come and discover tools to help you lead a more creative life. It is our goal that you will leave this retreat with new practices, new beliefs, knowledge to help you on the path to healing unknown wounds and a life of creativity, joy and peace!

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During our retreat you will....


Take time for yourself: Remove yourself from your day-to-day activities and stress and find peace and creativity in nature.  Our programs are all set in or close to nature to help us remember how nature heals us and  nurtures creativity and well-being.


Let nature be your guide to inner peace: Daily we will walk in nature where you will find peace and tranquility. The art of forest bathing and allowing your feet to suck up the good electrons from the earth help to make you feel energized and full of light. Enjoy the daily meditation session which will put you in a relaxed state for the remainder of each of our beautiful days together.

and you will....


Learn how nature nurtures creativity: Rediscover your inner creative child and learn how to create beautiful paintings and sketches.  Learn how to embrace art and creativity and you will find a zen like state which the art provides to you and your mind. Art gifts you peace and joy in the moment and every moment you pick up your brush.


Feel the energy of mother earth while experiencing some of the naturally occurring energies and light fields created by the earth.  Find the peace and quiet to remember that you are a being of vibration and light and that you are connected to everything.

Count me in...

...I am so ready to find peace and creativity in my life!

We have several options for weekend and week-long retreats in spectacular mountain and beach settings!


The locations are especially chosen for their unique natural beauty, walking trails and vistas to spark your creativity. There will be gentle mountain breezes or ocean waves to create a peaceful place for you to retreat from your day-to-day life.  You will be joined by a small, intimate group of other ladies searching for the same peace and relaxation.



I am so ready... be surrounded by the beauty of Nature!

Meet your facilitator...

Jane May Jones...

... multiple business owner, coach, educator, author and above all an artist.  Jane's work has been exhibited up and down the east coast of the US and in the Caribbean.  Jane has facilitate women's retreats since 2015 and Watercolor Gatherings and workshops since then.  Jane's client just keep coming back to get more peace and joyfullness they find during her workshops....

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