Radiant Enchantress Founders


It is our mission to offer solutions, motivation and assistance to women in their quest for their own defined success and to help them ensure the safe, healthful upbringing of their children.

Our Founding Members

Annissa Coy
Diane Morano Smith
Jane May Jones

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to offer help, hope and solutions to our audiences.  Our audience consists of women from all walks of life in the process of rising out of proverbial ashes.  Each participant benefits from offered exercises and solutions.  We over special scholarships for women in need.  Email for details.

Radiant Enchantress Show

Radiant Enchantress Show

Inspiring conversations with radiant enchantress' worldwide, all of whom share the common goal of help other women succeed in their journey. The guests also share similar goals of making this world a better place to live and thrive in.



Suggested reading, links to websites of interest, from entrepreneurship to how to dress to impress.  Everything a young women might need to move forward on their journey to their defined success.

Radiant Enchantress Conference

Radiant Enchantress Conference

A conference for young women rising up and out of their situation to becoming a radiant, successful and power lady in their chosen fields.

Do you believe in our mission?

If so, please consider donating to our cause and help us to help someone achieve their own definition of success.  Your tax deductible donation goes to Magical Earth Retreats a public charity with 501c3 status with the IRS.