Root Strength

Are you ready to get grounded and reacquaint yourself with your root power?

Are you looking to connect with a powerful circle of kindred spirits and discover the healing qualities of mother earth?

Make the journey to Woodford in Southern Vermont, September 11-13, 2020

Does your soul yearn for something more?

Are you feeling a little lost and unable to pin point what the issue is?

Is your life full of hustle and bustle without any quiet time for you to reflect on you and your path?

Do you have a sense of fear and are paralyzed to step out of your comfort zone?

Are you ready to treat yourself to a loving, nurturing and peaceful weekend in nature?

Are you ready... invest in yourself? To radically change the direction of your journey?

Why should you attend?

  1. You will take time in the woods of Vermont and reconnect with mother nature to find peace and quiet lacking in your day to day life.
  2. You will take time to think about your journey thus far and give yourself permission to think about your future.
  3. You will, through our exercises and practices, uncover old pain that you have been living with.
  4. You will find your 'root strength' in the grounding exercises.
  5. You will remember how mother earth nurtures our well-being and creativity.

... what are you waiting for.  You deserve to invest in yourself and transform your world.  Click on the button below and register NOW!

Yes, count me in...

...I am so ready to join you for this transformational retreat...

You will find the peace that can only be found in nature....


...our Root Strength locations are especially chosen for their natural beauty and remoteness. will be surrounded by kindred spirits in a spectacular natural habitat.

...enjoy the giggles and silliness around the camp fire each evening.

...walk in silence in nature so that you leave yourself time to think, see and hear.

I can't wait... join you and this group of ladies...

Your experience

...will include two nights in shared accommodations.

...will include three meals of wholesome, organic and mostly vegetarian home cooked food.  The evenings will bring the opportunity of cooking on the open camp fire., tea, water and energizing snacks.

...the incredible beauty of the nature around us.

...and if that is not all your registration is a tax deductible donation and all profits from this retreat is used for the scholarship programs for our day camps and other children's programs.

I am so in...

...and am ready to invest in my happiness

Your 'take homes' will change you at a cellular level....

  • You will go home feeling light yet powerful.
  • You will gain a new found strength of confidence and conviction.
  • You will have some insights into what path you should follow to achieve maximum satisfaction and sense of purpose.
  • New life-long friendships will be created as well as access to the group after the retreat.

Register now.....