Meet the Team

The Radiant Enchantress Initiative has a large group of motivational speakers who can also offer a great addition to your conference or workshop.  info@magicalearthretreats.com


Annissa Coy

Entrepreneur with a story to tell!

After a challenging start to life Annissa met and married who teenage sweetheart and togethers have a beautiful family of two girls and two boys, as well as 3 beautiful grandchildren.  Annissa runs multiple corporations and is an author, educator and speaker.


Diane Morano Smith

Entrepreneur and Nutritionist

Despite adversity on several fronts, Diane has become a successful business woman. She has learned to deal with all types of people from a place of true acceptance and understanding. Built successful businesses through true hospitality and generosity. She can help you see that what we have been taught is so true: It is in giving that we receive. We all rise together, Diane lives with a passion for helping others succeed; personally as well as professionally


Jane May Jones

Entrepreneur, Coach and Author

Jones' high school English teacher told her, “You will never amount to anything!” Jones went from that experience and mindset to owning her own successful businesses, training others, and creating a foundation which will change the world. Her passions are: helping children and adults reconnect with nature, helping women move beyond their fear and limiting beliefs, and working with under-served and underprivileged children. She is also an accomplished artist and art educator. Her first book is: “Living and Succeeding: Memoirs of a Dyslexic Entrepreneur”.

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