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Live today as if it were your last day on earth and dream big for tomorrow.  Realize your dreams with our Dare to Dream iIt Program.

Our dreams are the visions that shape our lives.  Do y ou know what your dreams are? Have you stopped dreaming? Sometimes we do.  At different points in our journey, both professionally and personally, it is easy to get so caught up in surviving that we stop dreaming. When we stop dreaming we slowly begin to disengage from our work, from our relationships and from life itself.  We are programmed as workers and living life by default.

Our Dare to Dream It Program will help you get crystal clear on your dreams and will help with an action plan to achieve them one step at a time.  You will have an accountability partner and between the two of you, you will help one another and push one another to achieve your dreams and to start working on your dream life!

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  • My perfect Life program
  • Living and succeeding Book(if you haven’t already received it)
  • Dare to Dream it Journal
  • Three monthly webinars with actual true life stories from our audiences and insights from Annissa and Jane
  • FaceBook secret group: Dare To Dream It.
  • Partial Access to our membership site.

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$49.99 to pay in full.

$19.99 for three monthly payments




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