Definition of Confab:

The act of confabulating; conversation; discussion.

Related words:

dialogue, chat, chitchat, palaver, discussion, converse, speech, confabulation, chatter, talk, confabulate, discuss, speak, chaffer

Our Confabs and Gatherings

are designed to help everyone one of you achieve your own defined version of success.

Confabs... help you move towards your owned defined version of success!

Do you dream of a perfect life?

Do you see others who seem to have it all and do you wonder why not you?

Check out this confabs, gatherings, workshops, webinars, etc. and see which one feels right for you.  Questions? email us at to set up a one on one conversation with one of our facilitators.

My Perfect Life

Have you ever asked yourself what your perfect life would look like?  Do you wonder why your life is full of work and drudgery?  Are you ready to start work on yourself to start making yourself the best version possible?

This offering is a self-driven process. It takes just a few hours to really complete the exercise and setup a 90 day action plan.

This is a downloadable exercise for anyone who wants to start working on their perfect life and to achieve their own defined version of success.

Note: This is free for all retreat participants!

"Dare to Dream it"

This is a three month program to get you headed towards living the life of your dreams.  In this confab you will be presented exercises to do on your own time, you will be invited to attend monthly conference calls and you will be assigned an accountability partner.  Not only that but you will also have a 15 minute one on one conference call with one of our facilitators to help you drill down to the reason why.

The why is so important!  When the why is that important it is easy to move forward through obstacles and fear.  Those sensations slip away gradually as you start to believe in your outcome.  Join us!

Note: This is free for all retreat participants!

Live Life on Purpose

Are you wondering if there is a better way to make a living?

Would you like to have more creativity in your life?

Are you passionate about helping others?

Or do you dream about having a life full of passion?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you may be interested in joining our 'Live a Life of Passion' confab!  This is also a twelve month program obligation for anyone who is on a journey to change their lives, work at something that they love and would do for free and/or would like to help change the world and make it a more loving and peaceful place.


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