Live Life On Purpose

Have you been yearning for a more meaningful life? Have you had the feeling that you could do more for others or for the earth? If you answer yes to either of these you are perfect for our Live Life On Purpose Program.  We will take you through many exercises to help you to gain clarity around your gifts, the gifts that you were born with, that maybe you don’t use in your current life.  Maybe your JOB does not allow you to be the real you.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live a life full of meaning, purpose and passion?  Join us and work through this year-long program.  The program will start out with the My Perfect Life Tool, then the Dare to Dream It Program.  These two programs will help you get in the correct mindset to start imagining what your life of purpose might be.  We will help you step by step to gain clarity around your gifts and purpose in this lifetime.

Join us and start to make a difference in your life, as well as in other’s lives!

Speaking at the Women's Moving Forward Conference in Toronto, Canada

Do you have a job....

...which seems to stifle you?  Do you seem to work more and more, but seem to be appreciated less or the same?

How would you feel if you could go to work every day and it is so joyful and beautiful that you can't believe that you are getting paid to do it!

Are you an artistic and creative person...

but you are in a job which is just a daily grind?  It is such a chore that it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning.  Are you now wondering what life is all about and you yearn to be the creative individual that has been squashed over the years?

Start to take steps to enrich your life!  Re-learn your gifts and understand your special traits, then use them to create your journey to living life on purpose!

Reconnecting children in nature all over the world!

Are you ready...

to take that next step and work on the magical possibilities waiting for you and which will enable you to Live a Life on Purpose?  Click that button on the right now.....